Sangeeta Darvekar Charitable Trust is a leading name in mouth cancer awareness. We are ranked in first 5 in Google search for the words like ‘Mouth Cancer’, ‘oral cancer’ etc.
Oral Cancer is the number 1 killer cancer in India. But it is preventable by simple changes in lifestyle.
We are educating the masses on this oral cancer and creating awareness by means of website , a documentary titled “Tobacco Kills”, giving lectures, doing check ups and arranging oral cancer awareness and early detection camps.
Mouth Cancer in India
"Tobacco kills"
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Dr Suwas Darvekar, the Principal Trustee of this NGO and the author of this website spearheads this  campaign.

Quit Tobacco Habit, Save Your Precious Life Tobacco kills and Mouth Cancer
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Welcome to a website which is full of information on mouth cancer, its causes, it's looks, it's treatment and Prevention.It also helps you to take informed decision about continuation of tobacco habit.
I hope it would be beneficial to the esteemed visitor
Dr Suwas Darvekar
Mission Statement
Tobacco is playing havoc in many lives in India and world over. This is an effort to prevent deaths by mouth cancer by educating people about dangers of tobacco use.
This is one cancer which can be prevented by simple changes in lifestyle
Dr Suwas Darvekar
Compiled by Dr Suwas Darvekar.
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There a number of Photographs of Oral Cancer on this site which can be used for awareness purpose free of cost with due acknowledgement. The acknowledgement should go as follows.
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This is because we strongly believe that without sharing these knowledge resources we cannot win the battle against Oral Cancer.